Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Our FuturesTrading Room

The outcasts of the outcast now hang out in

Our FuturesTrading Room

Paltalk Miscellaneous Avenue

You are welcome to have a drink with us


Disciple said...


Is anyone posting archives from the new Our Futures Trading Room Group?

If so, where?



sgr007 said...

The logs are posted at the same place as teddy's room logs:
The rooms will probably merge again in a few days.

Chimbote said...

Hi Croc;

Used to visit a lot The Cheese but he is not longer a blogger. Do you know what happened? I heard rumors about he had to close his blog because of legal issues with Woodie or Gio.

Count me in the now long list of former Woodie's fans. I am so disappointed and upset you cannot imagine! Not gonna talk dirt about anybody because it is not my style but let us forget for good about "Traders Helping Traders"; it would be better to say "Traders Helping Moderators" if you know what I mean. See ya around, BTW, still trading my Chimbote Trading System with great success .....

Globetrader said...

The Cheese is still online, just follow the link to the New Cheese Blog I have in my list

mia said...

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