Thursday, September 21, 2006


Don’t continue reading, if you like to read my blog just because it might provide you helpful insights into the mind of a trader on the road.

Yesterday I received a letter from David Taylor, whose Blog “Dismally” I sure like to follow on a regular basis for the insights it provides to my trading.

Hey Chris...

I know you keep your blog out of the political world, and I know you're not even an American, but I've written something about the recent articles that are coming out on the Canadian who was tortured by our government.

I'm wondering if you have any interest in doing your own write-up. I think as a group, as bloggers, we may be able to make some noise in regards to this.... and maybe make some change.
To tell the truth I wasn’t sure how to respond to it.
Should I write David, telling him a polite “No, I won’t, I will stay quiet”?
There sure are a lot of reasons to do so.
  • Mr. Arar isn’t the first and won’t be the last torture victim in this war against terrorism
  • I haven’t written about the innocent Mr. Kurnaz, released in August after being held captive for 5 years
  • I haven’t written about the innocent Mr. El-Masri, who is sueing the CIA for torture in Syria
  • Writing about it might make me an unwanted person in the US, when I have to go there next time. I sure have some IP addresses looking like US official ones in the list of IP’s accessing my website and this blog.
  • The current administration has been not only elected, but reelected by the American People. The facts where known then already. The Film “Fahrenheit 9/11” by Michel Moore had raised a lot of questions, had told a lot of facts, and still the people elected to keep the administration in the White House.
  • So who am I, a German, questioning the will of the American People.

On the other hand there are a lot of reasons to raise questions, to speak-up for the people not able to speak for themselves .

  • I’m a child of the German post war generation. I never had to endure the horrors of war
  • When I was in the military it was clear that no German soldier would ever be allowed to serve outside of Germany. And it was also clear, that the communist block would in fact never make war against the western european states. For me it was a clear decision to serve, but to tell the truth, there was also this voice inside me, telling me: Hey Chris, go for it, it’s the easiest way, it will make it easier in the future for you, it’s an adventure, it’s just 15months and there sure is no threat for your own life.
  • After the reunification of Germany the political landscape changed. Now German soldiers are serving around the world and we are faced with the truth, that we can’t hide behind others to do our job side by side with our allies.
  • But if we go to war in the name of peace, in the name of democracy, in the name of a greater moral authority, telling other people, what political system is best for them, then we should make damned sure, that we ourselves follow these moral and legal guidelines.
  • Then no western government, no superpower, noone can put himself outside of the law or circumvent the law, so the rules setup by it’s own people may not apply to him.

As you all can see, I’ve decided to speak-up , not only for Mr. Arar, but for all torture victims. History has told us, that staying aside, not speaking up, going the easy way can led to total disaster and destruction.


The American People have a new chance to make it more difficult for the current administration to work outside of the law. This has nothing do with voting for Republicans or Democrats. This has todo with the Balance of Power which has to be restored.


The Government has to be held accountable for every act it is doing in the name of the People and I sure hope, that the American People on November 7th, 2006 take the necessary steps to make sure, that this will be again the case.