Friday, November 03, 2006

Doing it the right way


One of the most important data of the month.

I had a plan, I executed that plan and got 10 ticks in the Euro, I was green and waited for the next trade in the Euro setting up.

Short 1.2750

Dogs barking

“Honey could you please help me getting all that stuff in the house I bought at IKEA.”

Exit 1.2749

“Sure my love”

30 min later the Euro trades at 1.2725, I would have taken 15 ticks at least on that trade.

Plus another 15 on the DAX which decided to scream up from 6260 to 6290 at the time my wife came home.

Yes I was a bit frustrated, but just for a short while because the question is:

What is important in life?

Sitting in front of a computer or

having a family?

I’m sitting in front of a computer a very long time each day, but important is my family. Yes I missed a good trading opportunity, but so what, I made another DAX trade later today for 15 ticks. There are so many trading opportunities each and every day. If you miss a good one, go on, take the next one. It might not be a home run, but it will provide you with all you need.

I wrote about the subconscious mind and the conscious mind being in sync. For me my family is important, so the answer: Honey, I’m a bit busy right now, can it wait 15 minutes is no longer acceptable, because I know, she would do the task herself then. Would I ignore that knowledge I would set me up for failure again.

I can’t change, I don’t want to change that feeling, that the family is important and I know my subconscious mind will find a way to show me, that the family comes first.

Unfortunately my subconscious mind is a devious bastard. It knows the one sure way to get me off the computer: Let Chris have a big loss and blast to his ego. Then he feels frustrated at himself and he will be no longer able to press the trigger. Most likely he will shut down the trading station.

Goal accomplished.

But I can learn and doing it the right way gave me 5 green days and the best weekly result of the year.

I’m away next week, so see you Monday in a week….