Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Go Long

...but I'm sure it will be the top.

I really like trading the UK market open. Move, countermove, enter. Easy as 1..2..3

But seeing a Gap up and run away market leaves me frustrated

I just can't seem to get an entry, even if I was prepared for such a move as Asia and Australia were up overnight. But I learned to take Asia with a grain of salt as Europe has a mind of it's own and follows Asia only when it decides to follow them.

Yes there are entries on this chart, but a slow and orderly advance is not my kind of market. everything in me is screaming

Go long ...but then a cautionary voice chimes in and says: That might be the Top, you know that, are you prepared for a loss. And that voice is right, because when I finally override it I sure enter at the Top of the move.

No market open trade today. I stay flat. It's healthier for my account and I'm sure there will be other opportunities today.