Monday, August 13, 2007


Honestly I was baffled today. I bought myself a new Notebook and as expected or more to the point, as feared, it came with Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled.

My notebook is used for one thing only as long as I'm home: To run my trading software. Now that one is Futures-Trader, the software I developed myself. And it's written in VB6. I considered switching to a few times already, but it's running fine, so why change a running system, especially when it means rewriting the whole program.

After the salesman told me I had to pay extra, if I wanted Win XP I said thanks but no thanks, took the new notebook and went home. I installed Vista, installed Java, installed IB TWS and IB TWS API, and everytime I was asked, if I really want to give a program access to the system i answered yes. Then I installed my Futures-Trader and it started ...... just fine.

Porting the settings from my old Notebook required giving the Futures-trader extra rights, which, after yet another confirmation, Vista took care for.

It's really unbelievable, but my trading software is running just fine under Vista.