Friday, July 25, 2008

Wall-Street Crime

I have no idea how long this report will be available on the Net.

France24 made a report about rogue traders. Watch the video it's worth it.

Joe Jett, a failed bet on Wall Street


dc said...

thanks for the video link. interesting reporting about "rogue" traders and failed/compromised risk managers.

but what was really fascinating was the peek inside Kingstree...
and we finally get a look at Dr. Brett working with traders (THE Marc Greenspoon from his last book).

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

hi croc,

I am afraid there was no video link when I looked ... but it sounded like you suspected that may be the case!


Globetrader said...


I can't link directly to the video. but if you look at the picture of Joe Jett you see below a small button saying "Play Video" press it and you see the film.