Monday, May 11, 2009

New Articles

Hi Newton,

thanks for your encouragement. I'm sure I will write more often again, but right now I'm reading not writing. I'm reading "The Daily Trading Coach" from Brett Steenbarger. A book I can only recommend. A small, very small part is from me as well, as I participated in chapter 9 by writing Lesson 82.


The book is really good and for now I'm taking my time to get it's lessons in my head.

But be sure, I will post new ideas again in the future...

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newtonlinchen said...


After I wrote those words, I thought: "Maybe I shouldn't push him this way"...

But it was worthwhile, since I really enjoy your writing - you have a clear, focused writing.

Thanks for writing.

If you can check it out, here's my own writing:

Mostly trading, but sometimes I post some Youtube music videos for fun.

Best Regards,

Newton Paulo Linchen, Brazil.