Sunday, April 24, 2005

Recommended reading

Coming back from a week away from the markets, I first refreshed all my charts and took a look at what happened last week. But to get myself tuned in and prepared for monday, I needed something to read.

First some blogs:
Gossip from the Cheese, who turned on the comments again I noticed
Market info from Random Roger, whose blog I will add to the Circle of Blogs
and of course Lioness, Fearless and Tack
Then a look at FXStreet to get up-to-date with the newest market analysis on the Forex market

Checking my E-Mail I found two interesting ones, which I read and thought to put them up as recommended reading for this Sunday afternoon, where you might not know what to do until the Euro finally starts ticking again at 6pm EST.

First a new Blog: Gross Speculation from Bo Yoder, whose post It Can’t be that simple..Can it? (April 21) is really worth reading.
Then a Publication from Norman Hallett: Mental Fitness for Trader's (just ignore the last page)

Keep yourself focused and for all of us:

Relaxed Trading

Btw: I have to make a confession: I’m a trading junkie.

On Monday the first thing I tried was convince the wireless internet access in the Hotel to work with my notebook. Nothing, no chance to get this working.

Tuesday, I accepted, that I could not do a single trade.

Wednesday I just heard about these nice Euro moves on the news. But with no internet access I had to remain calm and tell myself: Next week there will be a market as well!

Thursday morning a client called, who needed a contract the next day. Fine I said, no problem, but there is this internet access problem… I will fix it by buying a new wireless lan adapter for the notebook. In the afternoon the client called, that I had time until next week and the new WLAN card I bought, is still not working.

So Thursday afternoon I accepted that I really could not do a single trade, had no reason to drive home early and finally relaxed for the rest of the week.