Friday, May 19, 2006

Trading against the trend

Just don't do it. You usually can't afford it to let the market come to see it your way. Get out and reenter. It's a lot cheaper that way. And if you don't believe me, trade Gold. This contract shows such great volatility, it does in 60min what other contracts need hours or days for. And his contract will teach you to respect it..or pay a lot higher price than you bargained for. I paid 2 weeks ago, and it has done my trading really good. I get emotional, I swear, I tell myself names...but I'm out, if it's not going my way.



Anonymous said...

Hey, nice cci divergence on that chart

Globetrader said...

Trading the divergence would have made you 2, if lucky 3 points. Trading the slings short you see on the cci would have made you 10 to 12 points.