Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Trust in yourself, in your ability to ALWAYS act in your best interest
Only when you trust your subconscious mind to always act in your best interest, you can start following your trading impulses, giving the conscious mind the task of executioner of decisions already made.
As long as you have to tell yourself at the end of the day, that your trading impulses were often wrong, that you were not able to execute your plan or that you were not able to execute your stop, you will not achive this higher state of trading, where you fly in the market or are in the Zone as Marc Douglas calls it.
But when you start trusting your impulses, you start giving them control, you execute the trade and now remain in control, acting in your best interest, meaning cutting a loser and letting a winner run, then you will notice how over time you allow more and more impulses to be executed.
It helps, if you have the ability to instantly dissect a trading impuls you receive. You don't execute it, but you look on your chart or what ever you use for trading for rational reasons within your trading plan WHY this trading impuls should be a valid one. If it helps you make a picture and write down what you saw, then follow this trade, you have not taken in real time. See, if the impuls was a good one. Never expect 100% winners. We trade probabilities and you have to think in probabilities, you have to see the big picture, the forest not the single tree.
I have come a long way trusting my impulses, trusting my subconscious mind to act in my best interest.
And it's starting to pay off finally, but I can tell you it was a very long way to trust myself, when I had done so much damage to myself earlier, when I actually had no reason to trust my impulses at all just 1, 2 years ago.