Monday, August 21, 2006

Unfinished business

Sitting in front of your trading desk, you do one or two trades, they are profitable and you start hesitating. You have a nagging feeling in your stomach, you hesitate taking another trade. It might be fear to lose the profits you made, but you think, hey I left that behind, I already decided that I will take a trade, regardless of my earlier profits or losses.

Maybe it’s something else. Do you have another source of income? Most of us fortunatly have, as it makes living a lot easier not to depend on your trading ioncome. But that means also, that you can’t focus 100% on your trading. You might have some unfinished business, which you need to attend to, but decided to put it on the backseat in favor of your trading today. It stays there, giving you a squirmish feeling, as if someone is telling you again and again: go faster, come on, move on, let’s get that behind you,  aren’t you finished yet.

Listen to that voice. Do what has to be done and leave it behind. Come back to trading and you will see, you have no problem taking the next trade.