Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Life is wonderful

A sunny, warm autum afternoon. I was playing frisbee with my daughter in the garden and suddenly she smiled over all of her face and told me: Papa!

Life is so wonderful

She did not think about a bruised arm. She did not worry about tomorrow. She just enjoyed herself in the present.

When I came back today after I brought her in the kindergarten, this statement still vibrated in my mind.

Think about your trading. Do you worry about your last trade gone against you, do you fear taking the next trade, because suddenly your setup isn’t so sure any longer, do you hesiate and because you hesitate you lose the next trade as well?

Life is truely wonderful. Trading gives you the opportunity to make all your dreams come true. But you need to stay in the present, you have to focus on what is happening NOW. Don’t dwell on the past, you can’t change it. Don’t think about the future, you can’t influence the market with your trade. But you can influence the present.

Marc Douglas calls it being In the Zone. What it really is, is being in the present and doing what has to be done without hesitation. You have a plan, you know what you will do regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you trust yourself to do whatever is best for you.