Tuesday, October 31, 2006


While I don’t think it’s a good idea to post the individual trade to any forum, as one single trade is not important, daily or monthly results are very important. They don’t lie and you better don’t ignore your own statistic, as it’s the only measurement you can apply to your trading.

These number tell you whether you improved in your trading or not.

This is not only measured in your account being up or down on the month, but it’s in the statistics. Did you manage to reduce the average $-Loss / trade, did you increase the $-Profits / trade. What are your %-Winners and %-Losers numbers, what’s the actual Risk : Reward and how many ticks did you make on average / day.

So I have decided to continue posting my results. It will not help anyone seeing them, as you can’t copy them for your own trading, but maybe it gives you at least an idea, a number of what is possible to achieve.

October turned out to be a good month for me. 

Here are the daily results


And here the statistic


As you can see, the month was a good one, the account is up 37% from last month. But it’s even better, that I managed to have just 2 red days and was able to bring down my average $-Loss significantly from 282$ to 178$ / trade.

My trading method worked fine and I achieved approximately the same results as in September.

My average $-Win was down a bit, but that might be, because I was quicker to pull the plug on a trade reversing on me, avoiding big loss trades. Sure I missed some big home-runs as well, but for now, bringing the average loss down was more important.