Friday, October 14, 2005

Blackbox Systems

your results are fine, but of no interest to anyone here on the board, as long as you don't explain what method you use.

I could have decided to implement a Black Box system in FuturesTrader, let you all play with it for a while and then, once you are convinced, it's working in Demo, sold it as an extra subscription like Strategy-Runner is doing it.

Instead I’m telling everybody, what both of the systems in Futures-Trader do, when Tradesignals are generated and what is causing it, so you know exactly why a tradesignal was generated and might even look it up on your charts with the timestamp each trade has.

You are using an always in the market system, something I currently don’t have implemented in Futures-Trader, so it might be a worthy addition to the Backtest Module, if something like it could be added, but results alone won’t do it. And realtime tradesignals won’t either. I once was in a trading room, where the moderator called tradesignals from a Blackbox system, and it was the worst experience in my whole trading career.

In trading you need to learn to walk alone, you can’t rely on others to do the walking for you. And if their system was so good, there would be no reason at all for them to have a paid chatroom.

So please stop posting your results and explain your system in detail instead.