Sunday, October 09, 2005


Thank’s for your feedback here in the blog and by mail.

I know Sierracharts is very popular and having written a conversion routine from Sierra to Ensign Playback a year ago, I decided to reuse some of the code, so the Backtest Module will support native Sierrachart.mdb files without the need to convert them to a textfile first.

As the next version will also support the real IB TWS feed and the Ensign or ESignal Playback feed (with tradesignals, in case you have them programmed in Ensign or ESignal), it will be another day or two before the next FuturesTrader version will be released.


Carlo Giuntoni said...

Hi Christian

That would be great, but you mean for Sierra .mnd files??


Globetrader said...

yes, correct. And if you could send me a current Euro.mnd file it would be great

kadiddle said... appears there's an error in the homework worksheet. In particular when you use the targets of 10-12-15 etc. If you had a trade that was up let's say 17 ticks then under columns 10-12-15 it records the same number. However, if the trade was a loser of say -2 then these columns record -2 instead of the 10-12-15 it should have. If the purpose of these columns is to show what targets you might shoot for, then these columns should have shown positive numbers not the loss of -2 which you actually had. The trade did after all go up thru those targets.