Friday, October 14, 2005

Historical Data from IB

I have upgraded FuturesTrader to support IB API 8.61 Beta.

Globetrader_059Now, if you update your IB API to 8.61 you no longer need an external datasource to request historical data.

Select the symbol you want historical data from, connect to IB TWS, click download and after 1 or 2min you should see the message


At the moment I can request just 1 week of data from IB, but this might change in the future.

Be aware, that IB API 8.3 and IB API 8.6 are incompatible. So if you have programs, which require IB API 8.3 you should not upgrade.


SunSeeker said...

by the way, great work on all the tools croc. i havnt had the time to figure how i can use it but it seems very thourough and sophisiticated. what i really like is how much you are into trading and capable of making your own decisions. its hard to find that nowdays. too bad we couldnt have much further discussions on all these topics. however, keep up the great work!

Christophe said...

hi Christian,

I think you are using Ensign ; do you know if the latest version of Ensign would support 8.61 ?

Thank you,

Your work is really outstanding! Thanks again

Globetrader said...

I use Ensign with ESignal datafeed, but still it has not complained and the Ensign Beta uses the IB backfill, so it should work nicely with the new API

Christophe said...

thanks Christian !

Sorry to have asked you but i went to echat support and everyone was gone.

Since i wanted to test before the weekend (cant log in IB during weekend) i thought you might know... :)

Thanks again