Thursday, October 20, 2005

Phil, thank you!

Looks like a lot of work went into the program for this update, and my first few tests look much more accurate, sadly, much less profitable, as expected. 
And, the "Trailing Stop" and "BE+1" buttons work now!  It seemed like before they were always ON whether they were checked or unchecked.  Makes for some interesting tests.
If I notice anything suspicious in my further testing you will be the first to know!  And again, thanks for all of your work in making this tool available to us.
Software development without external feedback is extremly difficult. Why? Because when testing you tend to focus on the parts of the new tool you use for your own purposes.
That’s why I’m grateful, if someone else takes the time and effort to test for himself and gives me the feedback so I’m able to fix or improve the tools I use for my own trading. Futures-Trader 3.34 is available for download.