Monday, November 19, 2007

2 minute Long FTSE trade

Long 6259 Exit 6266.5


Reason for Exit...well I was on the phone when the move started and 15 ticks was fine for the first trade today I guess, went to 6271.50, so a +20 ticks was in the cards before the FTSE retraced.

I have modified my chart a bit over the weekend.

As you can see it's just the obvious, just for the blind here sitting in front of the computer...hmm that must be me I guess:-)

I have small lines placed on the chart if for a Long: the high of a bar is not violated by the low of the second or third bar. Be aware, that I use the real High and Low, not the H/L the Heikin Ashi bar shows.


As I say: It's kinda obvious, but if it helps seeing a trend, it's worth it