Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I sure thought I had it covered with a second internet provider available, but living in a suburb near munich, I never thought my telephone line could go dead. Well, we had the first lightning storm of the coming winter season yesterday evening and the phone went out. And if the phone line is dead, DSL is dead as well. No internet, no connection to IB, no way to cover a trade. Well, I'm sure glad, it happened at 6:30pm my time, I was preparing dinner and had not one single open order in the market.

It took the Telekom until 8:30am this morning to fix the problem at their site and it was done that quick only because I mentioned, that I have a lawoffice here as well, which needs to communicate with it's clients.

Looking at the overnight move in the currencies, oil and gold I would be deep red, had I had any open orders in the market based on yesterdays valuations.

Well, the gameplan is clear:

Make sure you have a disaster proof access to the internet using a mobile phone

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