Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday night

Euro is still stubbornly high. Actually it's resisting any selling it seems. But I still took it short (1.4681). It's early afternoon in New York, Forex is not yet open in the US and I'm seeing major moves in the Yen, the AUD and the CAD. Also GBP is very weak.


Of course, if something is not moving even if it should be moving then you better be prepared for a reversal. And I just got stopped on a Euro short for BE+1, on a spike from 1.4673 upto 1.4684. I don't need to know, why the Euro is not selling off in tandem with the other currencies. It's not and I won't argue with that. If the Asians are crazy tonight, well, I will go short 1.4795.


Short Eur/USD 1.4667 Cover 1.4652 at round number support...It's 11:30pm here in Munich and I need to go to bed even if this night might see another round of huge volatility.